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Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA Course

Course Overview
The CCNA certification validates a networking professional’s ability to install and configure Cisco switches and routers in multiprotocol internetworks using LAN and WAN interfaces, provide level 1 troubleshooting service, and improve network performance.

Target Audience
Networking Professionals and Internetworking Professionals

Course Details: 

ICND1. Network Fundamentals
• TCP/IP and OSI layers.
• Fundamentals of Ethernet LAN.
• Fundamentals of WAN.
• Fundamentals of IPv4 addressing and Routing.
• Fundamentals of Transport and Applications.

ICND1. Implementing basic Ethernet LANs
• Using the Command-Line Interface.
• Analyzing Ethernet LAN Switching.
• Configuring Basic Switch Management.
• Configuring Switch Interfaces
• Troubleshooting Ethernet LANs.

ICND1. Ethernet: Design, VLAN, Troubleshooting
• Analyzing Ethernet LAN Design.
• Device Security features.
• Implementing Ethernet VLAN.
• VLAN Trunking Protocol.

ICND1. IPv4 addressing and subnetting
• IPv4 Subnetting and Analyzing Subnet Masks.
• Subnet Design and VLSM.

ICND1. Implementing IPv4
• 17. Operating Cisco Router.
• Static Route.
• DHCP on Routers.
• RIPv2.
• Troubleshooting tools and Troubleshooting IPv4 Routing.

ICND1. IPv4 Services: ACLs and NAT
• IPv4 ACL.
• NAT.

• IPv6 Addressing and Routing.


ICND1. Network Management
• Device Management Protocol.
• Managing IOS Files.
• IOS License Management.

ICND2. Ethernet LANs
• Implementing Ethernet VLAN.
• Spanning Tree Protocol concept.
• Spanning Tree Protocol implementation.
• LAN Troubleshooting.

ICND2. IPv4 Routing Protocols
• OSPF for IPv4.
• EIGRP for IPv4.
• Troubleshooting.
• External BGP.

ICND2. IPv4 Routing and Troubleshooting
• IPv4 Routing in the LAN.
• Implementing HSRP.
• Troubleshooting.

ICND2. ACLs and QoS
• IPv4 ACL.
• Quality of Service QoS.

ICND2. Wide Area Network
• Implementing Point-to-Point WANs.
• Private WANs with Ethernet and MPLS.
• Private WANs with VPNs.

• IPv6 Routing operation and troubleshooting.
• OSPF for ipv6.
• EIGRP for IPv6.
• IPv6 ACL.